Please Stop Slamming Millennials!

Let me start by saying, I’m not a Millennial. I was born in 1969, which I believe that’s Gen X, or in some charts, they skip it altogether. It doesn’t really matter, because I don’t believe we need to be put into categories. There are all types of people, born in different eras. Time has been marching on, and each generation blames the other for anything “wrong” that may be going on in the world. It’s disgusting, ridiculous and needs to Stop!

Disrespect, pollution, climate change, genetically modified foods, drugs, addiction, violence, abortion, divorce, poverty, unemployment….I could go on and on. You get the picture. So many people want to say that each of these did not exist in their era and that someone else is to blame. Not quite true.

We are all just people. Since the beginning of time, each generation has been trying to make things better for themselves and their children. This is what has driven the entire human race to create so many advancements, from primitive living to our modern society as we know it. Each generation has been creating and inventing things that they believe will make society better and help humankind. Then, sometimes, down the road a few years later, we realize that there may have been flaws with those things. A health or environmental risk, a danger to many people. When some things were created, they were meant to help people and not harm them. It was the next best thing…and everyone loved it.

All of these things have never been an intentional attack on humanity. It was something good, that maybe ended up being overused or abused along the way. Most likely, it’s future implications were not known, until many years later.

The “G. I. Generation” of the early 1900’s weren’t intentionally trying to pollute our oceans when they created plastic. They first created it to be a lightweight, inexpensive material, to make our lives “easier and more sanitary”. Plastics have been used for virtually everything. Now we realize the dangers and we are trying to reverse it. This goes for so many things. Life is all about trial and error. Many things that were created several years ago, we still love and use. We should be grateful for those trailblazers, risk-takers, and inventors. At least they were out there trying something new and making strides for the human race.

If you just look at a timeline of progress, you’ll see that each generation has been doing something good, to better our future.

*3500 B.C. – The wheel. Seriously, I had to start here. We still use it every, single day.

Jumping forward a bit…

*1600’s – The steam turbine, telescope, blood transfusions, calculating machines….and Champagne.

*1700’s – The cotton gin, flying shuttle and sewing machine…we all still wear clothing, most of the time, at least. The piano, steam engines and thermometer, also great inventions during this time.

*1800’s – Steam locomotives, the automobile, general anesthetic, the food canning process, the bicycle, matches, the telephone, the phonograph, the zipper, and so many more!

*1900’s – Antibiotics, Artificial human heart, Computers, Cell phones, Video games, the world wide web… I’m seriously just scratching the surface here!

*2000’s – The camera phone, flash drive, Facebook, YouTube, iPhone, surgical robots, e-readers, Skype, GPS, Completion of the Human Genome project, and many more advancements in Science, medicine and Technology.

Alexander Fleming, creating Penicillin

Millennials are defined as people being born between the years 1981- 1996. These individuals are currently 22-37 years old.

Millennials are being blamed for being lazy, disrespectful, weak, emotional, and needy. If you ask me, this is something that every great, great, great, grandpappy, many years ago was complaining about the same thing, with those “young whippersnappers”!
Haven’t we all heard the story? “I had to walk to school, both ways, up hill, in the snow?”
Yeah. Same story, different generation.

I have three children that fall (or close enough, my baby is almost 21) into this category. I’m not only speaking of my children, but so many others that are considered Millennials. I have worked, side by side, and was outnumbered by Millennials when I worked for Universal Studios in Florida. Many of my current best friends, are Millennials. My findings are, as follows:

Millennials are beautiful, brilliant, charismatic and caring people. I know we want to group them all in the radical groups that we see on the news. That is a very old way of thinking. They are not lazy, or disrespectful. They stand up for what they believe in, and have a clear voice on what they want the future to be. Don’t judge every person born during that time with a group of people that may have been pursuing something they were passionate about, that maybe you didn’t agree with. Trust me, when you were young, the “elders” thought the same as you do now. We need to stop that toxic way of thinking. We are all trying to improve our world and make it a better place for future generations.

These are our children, who are now adults, taking on the next set of challenges.

We didn’t intend on plastics to pollute our planet, but they did. The Millennials are trying to fix that.
We didn’t intend on some medications to turn out poisonous, but they did. Millennials are working on a solution, and going back to our roots, learning that food is medicine.
We didn’t know that GMO foods were going to destroy our health, but they did. Millennials are researching the old ways and bringing them back again.
My generation wasn’t responsible for creating the computer, but they did many advancements on improving it, now Millennials are taking it even further and creating wonderful things that we can’t imagine life without!

I am so grateful for things like Facebook and FaceTime. These things help me keep in touch with my 76 year old mother and, 8 and 11 year old grandchildren. I’m able to keep in touch with old friends from high school, and enjoy seeing my friends and families adventures, when I’m not able to be there in person.

I am grateful for those first people of Mesopotamia for inventing the wheel, Dom Pierre Perignon for inventing Champagne, and so many more that we don’t give credit to on a daily basis that have made our lives WONDERFUL!

I am grateful for Boyan Slat, the 18 year old that created a large apparatus to clean the plastics from the ocean, and is succeeding at helping the planet as we speak!

I am so grateful for oldest daughter (and grandchildren) for keeping me up-to-date on new technology.
I am grateful for my son, he’s a laboratory scientist that makes sense of medical terms and tests that my doctor may not explain in detail.
I am thankful for my youngest daughter and her graphic art skills for making my childrens books come to life.

….Millennials are doing great things.

Let us remember that there are “radical” people, in every group. In every generation. In every religion. We may not agree with these radicals, but I do know it’s important that we not place all people born during a certain time, in a category assuming they are all the same. They’re not.

My children, my Millennials, are a great example of the millions of other great Millennials out there. They are educated, hard working, kind and always looking to improve their future, and the future for subsequent generations.

So, my take on this, in my almost 50 years on this planet is…
There will always be the grumbling elders, thinking their generation was best. There will always be the young trailblazers trying to re-invent the wheel…and find something new in the process.
My point is. Respect one another, love one another and give gratitude even for the efforts of someone trying to help, even if they don’t, at first, succeed! Don’t be the one criticizing, consuming, and just watching things happen. If you’re not one of the creators, be one of the supporters. Not only to our children, but to others who are working so hard to make a difference. Send out positive vibes! Be a Cheerleader! Encourage great things!

It is proven that encouragement and love, produce better ways of thinking and more productive people. You never know where the next big thing will come from, or from whom.

I Love our Millennials. They are amazing, people with brilliant ideas! Encourage them to do great things! Thank them. Love them. Trust them. (they will be the ones pushing your wheelchair someday)…

“Making Grandparenting Glorious”

Stop Slamming Millennials

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