Leprechaun Shenanigans!

I’ve really enjoyed watching my oldest daughter, being a mom. Some things are the same as when my kids were young, but she has definitely “upped the game” on others!

McGinn Family St. Patricks Day
My silly little Leprechauns!

You can follow my daughter’s blog and her adventures at https://www.mcginnsonthemove.com

One thing she does differently, is the way she celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with the kids. We used to only make sure we were wearing green and hope to not be pinched! In addition to that standard, she now has mischievous little Leprechaun’s come visit! Since my grandchildren are homeschooled, she has to be very careful when these little Leprechauns are out and about! With the children aware that there are Leprechaun’s sneaking around this time of year, sometimes they make homemade Leprechaun traps to try to catch these sneaky little guys! They’re quite clever and hard to catch!


So usually while the children are sleeping, the night before St. Patrick’s Day, she stays up and ransacks the house! …kind of like a Santa thing, but a whole lot messier! I know this is the time when a mom is usually cleaning house, instead of wrecking it, but it’s all for the magic and fun! Stay with me on this!

The object is, to have the children believe that these little Leprechaun’s were visiting in the night. She goes through great lengths to make this happen. By creating tiny green footprints with (washable) paint all over the countertops, hard surfaces and even the rim of the toilet, it shows where these little scoundrels have been! My daughter would even dye the toilet water green, sprinkle green glitter all over everything and squirt out toothpaste on the sink!  She would unroll the toilet paper all over the house, spill lucky charms cereal on the counters and leave chocolate “gold” coins all around the house.

In addition to the fun things the naughty Leprechaun did, my daughter would also leave small, fun gifts for the children. A small basket, cup or hat from the dollar store, filled with anything green! Silly string, silly putty, sour snacks, whoopee cushions (because Leprechauns are tricksters). You could make a special “green” meal or snack! Mint milkshakes, shamrock cookies, rainbow layer cakes, “green” chocolate covered popcorn!

I found some great recipes over at Wide Open Eats. Check them out.


Use your imagination! You could add a treasure hunt, then have silly tricks along the way!  So, as a grandparent, if you live near your grandkids, maybe the Leprechaun can visit your house! (or you can take the grandkids out, while mom and dad wreck their own house,while hosting a Leprechaun visit!) Hee, Hee….

Anything green, rainbow, gold or tricky will add fun to this under-rated holiday!

It’s a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and have a great time with the grandchildren!

“Making Grandparenting Glorious!”

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