Spring is on it’s way!

I know it may not seem like Spring is on the way for some of you, as you sit inside, watching it snow out the window.  Although, here in North Carolina there are signs of spring everywhere!…especially with my sinus headache, I can tell there is pollen swirling around my nostrils!  Besides the seasonal allergies, this has always been one of my favorite times of year! I’m looking forward to long sunny days, gardening and being able to enjoy playing outside.

One of my favorite things I would do with my kids when they were younger, was go on a bug hunt! Right now all of the little creepy crawlies are starting to emerge from their winter slumber. My son, Kevin, was especially interested in bugs. I loved hunting for bugs and teaching them about the world of insects. We always respected the little bugs, never harming them, but watching closely as we would learn about their little world.

My son is now 27 and works as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. So, in a sense, he still plays with bugs!….just the tiny kind you have to see in a microscope! Every Easter I would include a Bug Hunting kit (like the one in the picture below) in his basket. It was a great way to welcome spring!

Fun Outdoor Toy Insect Bug Adventure Set; Bug Catcher Set for Kids Backyard Exploration Kit – Bug Collection Kit – Includes Butterfly Net, Compass, Tweezers, Transfer Capsule and Bug Carrier

I loved hunting bugs with him so much, I wrote a book about our adventures. Kevin’s Bug Hunt would be a great addition to any Nature loving kids Easter Basket.

“Making Grandparenting Glorious!”

Click on the link to order your own copy of  Kevin’s Bug Hunt.

Kevin's Bug Hunt

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